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Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

After over 18 years in the cleaning industry, the staff at Procare Carpet Cleaning offers Utah residents a number of cleaning services for their home or business.


Carpet Cleaning Extraction

This method of carpet cleaning extracts dirt, lint, hair, and stains using a gentle steam-cleaning method. This is done with or without pre-treatment or heavy spot treatment as needed. The high heat and moisture involved in this cleaning procedure lifts stains and dirt out of the carpet without fading the colors or making the fabric flat or rough.

odor removal

Mildew & Odor Removal

Procare Carpet Cleaning provides mildew and odor removal services for carpeting and upholstery. We use a special chemical compound to break down the mildew, killing it to prevent further growth and then removing it from the area. We can get rid of just about any odor from a musty smell to food stains, smoke, raw food juice spills, old milk spills, and much more. Our odor removal doesn’t just mask the smell; it eliminates the source of the smell for a fresh, clean scent and feel.

pet urine treatments

Pet Urine Treatments

Our beloved pets sometimes have accidents on our rugs, whether they’re being trained or acting out. Cats have especially strong urine which can leave a smell behind for months. We use Pet Urine Enzyme Neutralizer treatments to surpass the results of home remedies. You’ll forget all about the time your furry friend made a mess on the carpet when we’re finished.

upholstery cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

ProCare Carpet Cleaning also cleans upholstery and furniture such as sofas, loveseats, chairs, recliners, ottomans, sectionals, dining room and much more! We work with most fabrics and our cleaning methods remove dry materials such as pet dander, dust and lint. We work with all fabrics including cotton, suede, leather, vinyl, and corduroy. We can remove dried pet saliva, ground-in crumbs, dirt, or food spills, wine stains, grease, and a build-up of oil from your skin. We also vacuum out and remove dry materials such as pet dander, dust, and lint.

air ventilation system

Air Ventilation System Cleaning

Our Weber, Davis & Morgan County Clears also offer air ventilation cleaning in Utah communities for homes and businesses. Over time, dust, dirt, pet dander, and other debris build up in your ventilation system, blocking sufficient airflow or making air that comes out dirty. When we’re finished, we can guarantee your allergy symptoms will decrease and you’ll be able to breathe easier.

commecial carpet cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We also clean carpets in commercial environments such as offices, banks, schools, hotels, restaurants, and much more. This service includes a thorough shampoo, rinse, and stain removal as needed.

tile and grout cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning

ProCare Carpet Cleaning provides additional tile and grout cleaning to get those areas gleaming once again. We offer complete tile and grout cleaning for stone, porcelain and ceramic floors. If you need help getting into those tough-to-clean spaces that seem to collect grime faster than any other service, you can count on us.

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